Friday, June 26, 2009

Attention Class of 2010 Seniors!

2010 Senior Portrait Season!!!
We are always excited for Senior Season! It gives us a chance to do a lot of unique photography. Everyone is different...different hobbies, different personalities, different styles, different looks, different ideas about what YOUR senior portraits will look like.
There haven't been any ideas that are too unusual for us....
we love being creative.

If anything, that is our specialty....
being able to shoot anything, anywhere...and do it well.

It is all about quality and personality with our photography,
it is not about quantity or time.
If you need numbers...our sessions average about
2 hours and 75 - 100 images for you to choose from.
These numbers actually make it a little hard for you,
they are GOOD images, it is hard to narrow them down,
you will love a lot of them.
Studios that offer quick sessions are not doing their seniors
any favors. For a High School Senior Session,
30 minutes is "fast food" photography. You are only a senior once.
You deserve more. We offer more.

Some photographers have a "style" that may seem cool.
Chances are that is the only way that photographer knows how to shoot. I have a "style" when I am shooting my own, personal, artistic work. But, I have the training and the experience
to shoot in any style that you like.
(or let me shoot my style, a lot of people like it!)
BRING US EXAMPLES of what you like. Other people's senior portraits, CD covers, magazine ads....
we want YOUR portraits to reflect YOUR STYLE.
Most 2009 Seniors have their senior portraits taken in the summer before their Senior Year. Some seniors will wait until the fall, if they do not have a deadline to turn a photograph in to the yearbook staff for the yearbook.

Reserve your session early, because the summer is a very busy time for us with senior portrait sessions, especially on the weekends. Everything we do here is by appointment;
photo sessions, ordering, and portrait pickups.

Call us with questions...417-736-3686.
We are closed on Mondays (and Sundays).
We have No Session Fees for seniors from 8-3 on Tuesday - Friday,
anything after 3:00 and on Saturdays, there is a $35 session fee.
Before you decide on your session date,
here are our summer specials for seniors...
JULY - Buy a 16x20 Wall Portrait get $60.00 back!
AUGUST - Buy 46 wallets and receive 46 of the same wallet FREE!
SEPTEMBER - Buy an 8x10 and get an 8x10 of the same pose FREE!

(417) 736-3686
Have a Credit Card ready if you plan to make
an appointment over the phone.
If you want, you can make an appointment to come by and reserve your date in person and to pay your sitting fee with Check, Cash or Credit Card.

***Due to several no shows last year, we have a new policy...
-it is $35 to reserve your date/time (even if you are during our "no sitting fee" hours),
-if you come for your session during "no sitting fee" hours, consider that $35 a deposit, and we will subtract that $35
from your order later,
-if you are paying a sitting fee, then that is your sitting fee,
-if you are a no-show for the appointment that you made, it is a non-refundable deposit.
We are trying hard to keep a "no sitting fees" option
for people that want to do that ;>)
I think that we are one of the very few (if only)
local studios that has that option.

We are looking forward to seeing you!!